Heat shrink band : the security that you need

Heat shrink band : the security that you need

Today, permit us to present to you the heat shrink band.

you must be asking yourself everyday what to do to make your customer sure and certain he is the first person to open the product you are proposing to him .There are possibilities that a visitor of the super market rapidely opens your product to smell, and rapidely closes it and keeps back without anyone noticing. He must have destroyed your product since the product must remain closed. Hence forth, dear producers, secure your products with the help of heat shrink band!

Heat shrink band is a plastic band which shrinks when heated. It seals your jars with the help of a heat air gun. It shrinks on the lid of the jar when heated to make it impossible to open the jar without tearing it.

You can find these heat shrink bands at our magazins in Yaounde, Etoug-Ebe, Parlement Etoo at 10frs/band of all sizes and also the heat air gun at 40000frs

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